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GTA4--Story Completed

2009-01-09 11:42:40 by warrat

i finished the main story line of GTA4 today
that is the best game of 2008 for visual effect i think
this game make you feel like acting a movie especially when shooting at bad guys
but the story is short compared with its 13G hardriver space, i want more!

birthday that 22 to 23
Do Not insult me, or i will be sad and violators will receive my worst wishes.
i like newgrounds, and hope newgrounds like me too.

MG42 finished!

2008-11-07 14:05:44 by warrat

I'm making a film about WW2. I wanna do this after watching some really good stuff such as Asylum3, just hoping produce my own stickman film. i prefer 3D weapons in this film, which make it cool. so i put together modelled 4 kinds of gun: Thompson, Garand Rifle, MG42 and Mp40. the picture i take is the latter two.
A few minites ago, i finished MG42 which i think is the most difficult. i focused on the head part of the gun that i will put in the camara. Now, all the 3D work are over.
What do you think of this model?

MG42 finished!

Holy shit it's Flash CS4

2008-10-29 05:06:24 by warrat

I got FL CS4 today.
What a waste! Someone deserve to have it than me.
In 2008 all my projects stay unfinished. Even if got CS4, i incurably can't have more inspiration to finish them.

Holy shit it's Flash CS4

can i win some NG stuffs?
wat is UOTD for?
just a title?
im so lucky to be randomly chosen to be the UOTD of 8/23/2008, but unfortunately, i dont know wat dose that mean. helpless.
here is a pic of past UOTD, pointless to me so far

I am yesterday's UOTD and I am o_Oing

I love chainsaw maid

2008-08-01 10:39:18 by warrat

If you haven't watch it, its time to check it out.
This video tells people the advantages to have a maid. She looks after your kids, makes love with you, saves you from danger and kills some bad guy or zombies. i have fallen in love with this chainsaw maid.

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love it

2008-05-08 11:32:10 by warrat

if you watched the recent movie named The Apex Neurotic Society,you will find some wonderful photo like this.i really love this peaceful cinematic effect and try to refine pictures like that with PhotoShop CS3 by myself.unfortunately,i failed again and again.i just cant catch the feeling to adjust colors,levels,brightness and darkness etc.
i drink some wine,and my head is whirling now....enjoy this photo guys....which is cut out of the flash movie.why can i upload just one picture?

love it

The year for mice

Hello everyone...

2007-12-08 02:49:07 by warrat

hello evry1,i am Police Sergeant Warrat on Level 16 and with Golden Whistle!

Hello everyone...


2007-11-15 00:36:30 by warrat